Bleeding Hart Mist

Purity for the Face, Body, Room & Pillow..

The Mist
The Bleeding Hart Mist is the most versatile product you will ever own. Use as a beautiful hydrating face and refreshing body mist as well as a relaxing room and pillow spray. The Mist is the perfect post massage product to preserve your senseof wellbeing and equilibrium.

The Blend & The Benefits
It’s delicate, rosy, fresh, uplifting scent has a purifying and a sensual effect. The hero ingredient in the mist is hyaluronic acid, which allows the mist to improve the physical signs of stress by rehydrating and plumping stressed and tired skin. Enjoy the benefits from ingredients such as Rose Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine, Yarrow and Honey Mertyle known for regenerating energies and treating an array of skin problems and to calm the nervous system of anxiety, diminish effects of stress, fear and anxiety and relax the respiratory system to induce long, restful and undisturbed sleep.

The key ingredient in all of our products is Bleeding Heart Essence which has been harvested from the purest of environments in the Alaskan Range to ensure the clarity and integrity of our 100% natural ingredients.

Harnessing the power of the Bleeding Heart Essence, Monique Hart products purify and strengthen the heart and balance the polarities of love/separation and joy/suffering to allow you to open your heart to love and happiness.

How to Use
Spray throughout the day on the face for hydration and inhale 3 deep breaths for calmness. Before sleep spray on your pillow and on the body. Spray in the air throughout your home for a sense of calm and peace.

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