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Bonne Nuit Monique Hart Luxury Candles

Why choose our organic candles?

It has been in the media recently the danger of paraffin wax candles/ non-organic candles: Research has shown paraffin wax candles produce smoked laced with almost as many toxins as those produced by cigarettes. When you burn a paraffin wax candle, it is a fact that you are filling your home with toxic chemicals and contributing to indoor air pollution.

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Soot and fumes released by paraffin wax are similar to those released from a diesel engine and can be as dangerous as secondhand cigarette smoke. Majority of synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemical, which is known to cause health conditions and nervous system disorders.

Organic Luxury Candles

Monique Harts products are 100% natural and will benefit your general well-being and sleep. Many other brands contain parabens and toxins that put toxins in the body. Which hinders happiness and a relaxed restful sleep. [/read]


Purest Ingredients


Organic Wax


No Paraffin


Hand Poured


Essential Oils


Made in the UK

At the Hart Spa we offer Luxury Treatments

Nestled amongst the plants and flowers, the Hart Spa is found within Coppice Garden Centre. A perfect location for a spa dedicated to natural wellness and well-being inspired by the best of nature combined with the results delivered by technology.


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