Bonne Nuit Mist



‘bonne nuit’ this facial mist named this as its meaning good night matches its therapeutic benefits to aid sleep. This limited edition facial mist is embellished with 22ct gold and will restore sleep, skin and mind.

This toner is designed to rehydrate the skin and our calming botanical essential oils are blended with our hero ingredient hyaluronic acid, to rehydrate stressed and tired skin. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, this mist treats an array of skin problems, calms the nervous system and diminishes the effect of stress, fear and anxiety to promote restorative and peaceful sleep.

We have harnessed the therapeutic power of our unique bleeding hart essence to balance the mind promoting inner healing and peace and achieve a desired state of mindfulness.

Our top tip

Spray mist on pillow and/or body before going to bed to promote a good night’s sleep. Ideal for those struggling with sleep: frequent flyers, insomniacs and new mothers.

Made with love ‘from the hart’ using the purest ingredients. Allow yourself to relax and unwind: Bonne Nuit!


Shake the bottle before use. Close your eyes and mist over entire face to calm your skin and mind.

Additional information

Weight 450 g
the-essence Jasmine, Lavendar, Rose Geranium, Yarrow
the-range Bonne Nuit
the-type Mist

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