Relaxation Tips



Practice reciting these affirmations to yourself ,whilst using your Bleeding Hart Products for the best results.

• Sleep will always come to me. It is not possible for me to stay awake for long without going into phases of micro-sleep. The more relaxed that I am about sleep, the more likely it is that it will come to me.

• At night, if I am not asleep, it is ok for me to just relax. I can read, breathe deeply and Spray My Bleeding Hart Mist. If I can relax well, my body will get some of the rest and recuperation that it needs.

• Light your candle and Spray your Mist on your face, body room and pillow. Now practice Meditation such as Yoga Nidra

• Insomnia is nearly always treatable. It most often passes by itself eventually but I know now that I can do things that will improve my sleep and do not panic stay calm I have my bleeding hart candle and bleeding hart mist to assist me.

• Human beings are very resilient. I am too. My body will recover from lack of sleep and stress I have my Bleeding Hart products to relax and calm me.

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